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Tell All With Tania Kowalski

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We're over the moon to bring you a new series of Q&A style blog posts! We've got an incredible network of health and wellness professionals, so it only made sense to put our interviewer hats on and get back to you with all our new knowledge.

We're jumping in with Tania Kowalski (@taniakfitness), a Women's Health Coach and mom of two. Let's dish - superfoods, reading recommendations, and favorite probiotics snacks! 

Tania with her two daughters and pup!


NutriSuits Founder, Sophie Anson (SA): Tell us a little about your background in health and wellness, including what inspired your career path.

Tania Kowalski (TK): Growing up, I was the chubby kid that was picked last in gym class. I wasn’t very sporty or fit and struggled with self-worth. I realize in hindsight that I had no knowledge of food and how it affected so many aspects of my health, both physical and mental. I believed that my joy came from french fries - no joke! 

As I grew up and realized that the power really was in my own hands when it came to transforming my life, I wanted to learn and change. I was tired of fighting for my excuses, so I started my life-long learning journey toward better health.

Fast forward to today, and I’m an on-the-run wife, mom of two tween/teen girls and manage my own health coaching practice. I’m passionate about helping busy moms make themselves a priority - I feel their challenges! I guide my mamas to engage in strength training, to eat in a balanced, healthy way, and to bring an abundant healthy mindset to their lives. 

I’m Precision Nutrition Certified as well as an ACE certified health coach and personal trainer. I’ve worked in the nutrition and fitness industry for about 13 years now.

SA: What does a successful weekday morning routine look like for you? Any special rituals you can’t live without?

TK: I get up early and teach strength workouts most mornings so not much happens before other than drinking a lot of water.

After class, I have a coffee while sitting with my five-minute journal; writing out my gratitudes and taking the time to set an intention for the day. I always have a protein shake with greens and some superfoods afterwards.

If all of the stars are aligned I love to do a quick meditation in the morning but most often that happens before bed, as do my showers (lol).

SA: We love superfoods, but understand that some are all hype with little substance. What superfoods do you find most effective? Do you prefer one above the rest?

TK: I love maca for hormone balancing and my powdered greens and bee pollen for a natural energy boost. I also strongly believe in taking high-quality fish oil, and I cycle a soil-based probiotic on and off.

SA: What are your favorite prebiotic- or probiotic-rich foods? Why?

TK: I love cucumber kraut and fermented apple cider vinegar in my salads - yum! I also like to make kombucha cocktails (my favorite kombucha mixed with sparkling water or spindrift) when I’m hankering for a glass of wine and want to keep the wine in check.

SA: What are your top health + wellness reading recommendations?

TK: I read a lot of articles and studies when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

However, I find that I tend to read about habits and mindset a lot more. I believe that growth and change comes from shifting the things that we do and think about most often. So, Atomic Habits, The Happiness Advantage, Big Potential, and the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck are books that I’ve enjoyed over the last year.

SA: What health + wellness related film or television series would you recommend? 

TK: Hmm that’s a tough one.

There are so many great documentaries to make you think and most have some good takeaways; however, I find that so many  ride the extremes in order to be sensational.

I take a much more balanced approach to health & wellness. I’d say that Food Inc really opened my eyes to factory farming and the inhumane treatment of animals. I believe in choosing high-quality food and supporting the humane treatment of animals at the same time.

I’m enjoying the Goop Lab episodes as I like that they test different products, protocols, and treatments and share their experiences. 

SA: What’s your favorite way to unwind and reward your body during a rest day?

TK: Honestly, I like to stretch and foam roll while watching a show in the evening.

My hubby and I made it through a lot of series on Hulu and Netflix during quarantine. I’m always in need of some mindless entertainment after my kids are finally in bed. And I go to sleep early too, so I can’t commit to a whole movie hehe.

SA: What’s one health + wellness myth that you’d like to see disappear?

TK: That you need to live in a restrictive, controlling way to lose weight and transform your body and health.

I find that when my clients learn to be mindful of what they truly need that there is no need for rigid control and they find so much self love and confidence in the process of trusting themselves.

One of Tania's favorite comfort foods: roasted potatoes. 🤤

SA: If you had to recommend someone change one thing about their daily routine to improve their overall wellness, what would it be?

TK: To stop and breathe. To check in with themselves before they make automatic decisions.

I believe that self awareness and mindfulness are key to understanding why we respond the ways we do and to start to shift our thoughts, actions, and outcomes.


And with that last piece of advice in mind, we'll be logging off to unwind with a cup of maca hot chocolate. ☕

If you haven't already, visit Tania's website to learn more about how health and happiness converge with innovative fitness programming. And, follow us on Instagram for healthy gut tips and our next Q&A announcement! Until next time, stay gutsy.

- Sophie Anson & the NutriSuits team

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