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Tell All With Chris Aronsen

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You are in for a treat! We pulled NutriSuits Founder, Sophie Anson aside to chat with personal trainer Chris Aronsen. We'll get straight to the point for this one - here's this trainer's fitness journey with a couple tips to reinvigorate your workout routine.


NutriSuits Founder, Sophie Anson (SA): Tell us all about how your fitness journey began!

Chris Aronsen (CA): I was always athletic as a kid and teenager! Playing hockey, baseball, basketball, football, and handball. There was a natural progression into weight lifting and running.

SA: Do you remember a specific moment when you started to see benefits from your workouts - physically, mentally, or otherwise?

CA: Usually right away. I notice a positive shift in my mental and physical state almost immediately.

SA: At what point did you transition from a gym regular to a professional trainer?

CA: Around the age of 25.

SA: That's a great time to start - right in your mid-twenties!

Do you recommend that your clients spend a specific amount of time at the gym per day, per week?

CA: I would suggest a minimum of three days a week. But if you'd really like to see some progress, it should be closer to five.

SA: It can be tough to get into that rhythm. But once you do, the results are well worth it.

Okay, you knew this question was coming! How’re you getting prebiotics and probiotics into your diet these days? Any tips?

CA: I've been using Loser’s Chews by NutriSuits, of course.

SA: Ha ha. We were very lucky to share our launch product with you so early on! Getting honest feedback from someone we trust truly re-enforced our confidence in Losers' Chews.

What are your favorite ways to recover after a super tough workout?

CA: A healthy meal, stretching it out, or a little meditation. 

SA: What do you think of pre- or post-workout beverages and snacks? Any recommendations?

CA: I like a low-calorie protein shake or a post-workout meal. And, I intake caffeine for my pre-workout.

SA: Working out consistently is hard! How do you stay motivated?

CA: I like to challenge myself. It's the best way to see results. I always feel better after a workout. So, including it in my schedule is kind of a no-brainer.

SA: We’re pretty lucky that there are so many different kinds of fitness programs and classes out there. Are you a fan of any particular workout classes or activities?

CA: I think each person should tailor their fitness routine to whatever matches their personalty as well as adding some free weights in as lifting has so many added benefits.

SA: I'll be sure to remember that next time I'm trying to decide between a nap or my next strength training workout. Thanks for your time, Chris!


We had an awesome time chatting with Chris Aronsen, as usual. It seems like some people are naturally drawn to athletic activities from an early age - and it's amazing to see that passion last through adulthood and transform into a career. 

How about you? Do you incorporate strength training into your weekly regimen? And, what kind of gut benefits do you notice during the weeks that you're consistent with your workouts? Tell us everything on our Instagram @nutrisuits.

- Sophie Anson & the NutriSuits team

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