Losers' Chews

NutriSuits' Philosophy

Why NutriSuits?

We are ordinary people like you. We have experienced dietary issues, hormonal problems, weight gain and various complaints connected with the digestive tract. We all have to watch our sugar intake.

We believe in:

We founded NutriSuits because we recognized that smart, health-conscious people want probiotics that are easier to take (chewable) non-caloric (sugar-free) and combined with prebiotics and Vitamin D for maximum efficacy.


Sophie Anson, Founder and Managing Director – Sophie Anson is the founder of Eatstrong, a wellness and weight management company devoted to helping people manage their weight. She believes that proper sleep and a healthy gut are the foundation to managing food cravings, mood, and body composition. Sophie is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and actually discourages the use of most nutritional supplements, believing that a balanced diet provides everything we need. 

Her two exceptions are probiotics – since they are difficult to get unless one’s diet regularly includes such items as kimchi, sauerkraut and yogurt – and vitamin D, a vitamin which behaves as a hormone to help regulate mood, fat loss, and energy. Recognizing that busy lives make it hard for many of us to acquire all the nutrients we need, Sophie decided to create a probiotic supplement that would help her clients restore and enhance intestinal microflora.  Losers' Chews is the result.  In addition, she added Vitamin D3 because low sun exposure environment requires D3 replacement for optimal health. Given today's excessive use of sunscreen and our general lack of exposure to sunlight, Sophie recommends a minimum of 2,000 iu vitamin D a day. Sophie is originally from Switzerland and earned her B.A. in Psychology at Hamilton College. In addition, she holds a degree in Nutrition from The American Council on Exercise.


NutriSuits produces sugar-free, chewable, combined probiotic/prebiotic supplements that meet the needs of smart, health-conscious consumers focused in particular on weight management. Our products encourage gut health through the establishment of a vibrant and flourishing microbiome, as the right gut flora are not only essential to the proper functioning of the human digestive tract, but also in the proper functioning of the brain and one's mood.  We combine prebiotics with our probiotics to encourage their proliferation in the digestive tract. 

Unlike most chewables, NutriSuit's supplements are sugar-free and use no maltitol, which can cause digestive problems. Other probiotics use sugar to help sustain their microbes while also making their products sweet. We include prebiotics to encourage the development of our microflora and use the non-caloric sweetener, xylitol, to give our products great taste without the health problems presented by sugar or the potential gastric distress caused by maltitol.

Xylitol has the added benefit of whitening teeth, so brighter teeth are an unintended, but welcome, side effect of Losers' Chews.

We add vitamin D3 because few people enjoy adequate sun exposure these days, so we are all at risk of producing insufficient D3. This has implications for gut health and weight management. In fact, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to numerous health problems, including: weight gain; depression; fatigue; bone softening; impaired immunity; blood sugar issues; mood changes and general irritability.