Losers' Chews

Our Philosophy

Cultivate a healthy gut.

We’re ordinary people just like you. We’ve experienced dietary issues, hormonal problems, weight gain and other annoying ailments connected with a troubled digestive tract.

We founded NutriSuits because we recognized that smart, health-conscious people want a prebiotic-probiotic that is easier to take (chewable) non-caloric (no sugar added) and combined with vitamin D for maximum efficacy. No refrigeration required - maximum convenience secured.

We Believe In

Sophie Anson, Nutritionist

Sophie is the founder of Eatstrong, a wellness and weight management company devoted to helping people manage their weight. She believes that proper sleep and a healthy gut are the foundation to managing food cravings, mood, and body composition. Recognizing that busy lives make it hard for many of us to acquire all the nutrients we need, Sophie decided to create a probiotic supplement that would help her clients restore and enhance intestinal microflora. Losers' Chews is the result.

Our Products

The right gut flora are not only essential to a properly functioning digestive tract, but effectively nourish your brain and overall mood. That's why we've combined prebiotics with probiotics to encourage their proliferation in the digestive tract. Our no sugar added, chewable, prebiotic + probiotic supplements support better gut health through the establishment of a vibrant and flourishing microbiome.

Take control of your gut.

Most of us search for ways to lose weight easily - a magic pill that could shave off pounds while we chow down on chocolate cake. Of course, there really isn’t anything we can ingest that will cause that kind of weight loss. Anyone hoping to shed a few pounds would seriously benefit from: 1. Getting the proper amount of sleep and; 2. Feeding the healthy bacteria that live within our digestive system.

Enter, Losers' Chews - the prebiotic, probiotic, vitamin D supplement you've been looking for to aid with weight loss and promote a healthy gut.