Who We Are

We founded NutriSuits because we recognized that smart, health-conscious people want nutritional supplements geared toward weight management, that are easier to take (delicious and chewable) non-caloric (no sugar added) and combine essential vitamins for maximum efficacy and enhanced immune response. Our pre/probiotics and apple cider vinegar chews also require no refrigeration. Maximum efficacy, minimal hassle.

Sophie Anson, Founder
Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach

Sophie is the founder of Eatstrong, a wellness and weight management company devoted to helping people manage their weight. She believes that proper sleep and a healthy gut are the foundation to managing food cravings, mood, and body composition. Recognizing that busy lives make it hard for many of us to acquire all the nutrients we need, Sophie decided to create a line of chewable supplements with no added sugar that would help her clients restore intestinal microflora and reduce insulin resistance, thereby enabling them to manage their weight more effectively. Losers’ Chews pre/probiotics and apple cider vinegar chews are the first products in this new line of supplements.

We Believe

The body's ability to heal itself and maintain good health with proper nutrition.

Product that use natural ingredients and are manufactured in the USA following GMP Standards.

The importance of health microbiome to the overall physical and emotional well-being of the individual.

Vitamin D as a polylactic to assist with weight management and help ward off moodiness, fatigue and bone density loss.

Diets low in sugar as the foundation of a healthy gut and flourishing microbiome.

Our Products

The right gut flora and proper, more stable blood sugar levels are not only essential to a properly functioning digestive tract but effectively nourish your brain and overall mood. Our first product combines prebiotics with probiotics to encourage their proliferation in the digestive tract. Our second product, apple cider vinegar chews helps to boost fat burning, lower blood sugar and support lower cholesterol levels. With no sugar added, our product work together to increase healthy gut bacteria which in turn reduces fat storage, suppresses appetite, reduces sugar cravings and boosts metabolism.